My paintings of landscape imagery range from the very large to the very small and are all oil on canvas or panel. Subjects include wild areas in which I have recently spent time, including Wyoming, Montana and Upstate New York. In my work as a whole, I am interested in exploring the in-between states of painting. I enjoy the contrasting feelings of anxiety and relief that occur from pairing areas of dense hyper-detail with areas of light breathe-ability. Tree branches twist and writhe, color turns acidic, and sky flattens to meet form and then deepens back into space again. Snippets of saturated under-painting peek out and are left raw. Animism and deformity creep in as well, creating a final puzzle-locking composition that confuses the appearance of flatness and space, and invented color and natural color.

In addition to my painted body of work, I am working with mechanical pencil on paper to create a group of works featuring scenes of trees in nature. Each image allows me to explore in detail the indiosyncracies of natural form, including every protruding knot and sheet of scaly bark. These details, combined with an overall feeling of visual silence and gravitas, inspire the entire body of work. Sources for the drawings include a forest fire charred landscape in Montana, and a group of birch trees in upstate New York.
June 2006 | Pencil on paper | 20" x 16"